July 3, 2007

Let Feedom Ring

On July 4,1776 there was signed in the city of Philadelphia one of America's historic documents; the "Declaration of Independence." It marked the birth of this nation, which under God, was destined for world leadership.

We often forget that, in declaring Independence from an earthly power our forefathers made a forthright declaration upon Almighty God.

Someone has said; "To be born free is a privilege. To die free is an awesome responsibility."

Where would we, who are citizens of the United States of America, be today if there had not been those who counted the cost of freedom and willingly paid for it?

Where will we be tomorrow if men and women of integrity do not come forward today and pay the price to reclaim a dying America?

Why are we dying? In our society today we change words around and make them say what we want them to say...We change history; not because we found out a new truth, but because it's not conducive to our new way of thinking (it's not politically correct) so we just take out facts and teach our younger children theory. Most of the time in doing this we cut God and His Word completely out of the picture.

"The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible."

John Quincy Adams.

"All the good from the Saviour of the world is communicated through this Book; but for the Book we could know right from wrong. All things desirable to man are contained in it."

Abraham Lincoln.

"...the Bible...is the one supreme source of revelation of the meaning of life, the nature and need of men. It is the only guide of life which really leads the spirit in the way of peace and salvation."

Woodrow Wilson.

"Go to the Scriptures...the joyful promise it contains will be a balsam to all your troubles."

Andrew Jackson.

You see my reading friends...we take out what we no longer want to hear and we change wording around because it's not comfortable to our way of thinking.

In Psalms 11:3 it says; "If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?

Our foundations for building this country is called the rock...That's the Bible...the Word of God.

Go find your Bible...dust it off...open it and read it for yourself.

The only thing that's changed is us...The only words that have changed are ours...

God said what He said and it's settled. It's the solid foundation that our country was founded on. Why do we want to change the History of our true Independence?

As you enjoy the fireworks...picnics...the day off; think about God's grace and the freedom He wants our country to experience.


Jim "DoughBoy" Brady