March 6, 2007

Is that a fact?

There seems to be a myth circulating in our society that says if you're a Christian (a child of God, believer, follower and disciple of Jesus Christ), that you won't have anymore problems, no more temptations and life will just be'll always be happy, and things will always go your way, just tell God what you want and He will jump right on it, and the best part is that you will never have to a bad day.

My questions to you is, where on God's earth did you come up with an idea like that?

As a Christian, (I already explained what that is), I have experienced pain, temptations and a lot of disappointments, (this ain't just text book information). I've been there...these areas come from inside the "church" as well as from those who are outside just waiting for us to screw up, and just so you know, this ain't nothing new. Yet even with all this going on around me, there is something deep inside me that reassures me, I'm gonna make it. I don't believe that it's just a mind set or my will power. It's much more. There is an inner peace and confidence that you and I can walk in.

Being tempted as "Christian" (I hope by now you understand what that is) is not the problem, temptation, also referred to as "SIN", develops the problem when you cave in or bow down to the temptation(s). These "temptations" come in a variety of flavors.

In the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) in the book of Luke (in the Bible), chapter 4 verses 1-13, we see that Jesus Christ "the Son of God" was being tempted; (several times and in different ways), but He stood firm on the words that were hidden in His heart. Now check this out; in verse 13 in this same chapter, it says; (you need to catch this) "When the devil had finished tempting Jesus, he left 'until the next opportunity came".

Did you catch that? Jesus, 'The Son of God' was tempted and stood His ground; and the devil (not some dude in a red suit with a pitch fork) who is always working against you, left with a line from the Terminator; "I'll be back".

You will always face problems, disappointment and yes temptations even as a Christian (please don't make me explain that again) and you need something more than "will power", you need "God's Power". His Word and you know where to find it, (in the instruction manual), is that inner strength and the peace that will walk you through any storms, or temptation in your life.

My final question is this... If what I told you is NOT true, why is it that a majority of this country is trying to ban your eyes and insight to God's Word?

God Bless you;
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

March 4, 2007

Is there still time?

This is my first attempt in the the world of Blog. My name is Jim "DoughBoy Brady. I along with my wife, Donna Jean, pastor a church in Saginaw, Texas known as Harbor Light Family Church. We are a small church and new in this mission, but it's not about the numbers, it's about the lives of the people.Changing our world, one person at a time.

Our church motto is "The perfect place for not so perfect people." You see, we have found out that even through a lot of us have gone through some bad things or made some bad choices, we discovered that God still loves us and has a plan for our lives.

Our work includes a Friday night Christian Recovery program know as "Celebrate Recovery" A biblical program designed by John Baker from Saddle Back Church in California. These steps are designed to help anyone who wants freedom from; "Hurts, Habits or Hang-ups." This program is known around the world and has a proven track recorded for helping people receive the freedom that they are looking for. Our group starts at 6:30pm every Friday night and usually ends around 9pm.

I also have my personal testimony and believe that it will explain why we do what we do today. To view testimony go to about me, on bottom is the link to Harbor Light Family Church. Go to Pastors to find out more.

In the days that we live in, even though we all believe we still have time, we don't have a written guarantee that we will see a tomorrow. So my question is why wait?

Some people think that they need to clean up there act first...not come to God and He will help you make the changes. It's not about a religious experience, it's about a relationship. If your hurting instead of loading up with the usual, why not try a new way?

I hope that this small note will help somebody look at their life and ask themselves, am I ready?

In future post, I hope to share some thought provoking areas that will help you see your life and what's really going on around you through a different set of eyes.

God Bless you.
Jim "DoughBoy' Brady