January 4, 2010

Breaking the Yoke

As a Christian, and as Pastor, I have often wondered where is the power that changed those 3,000 people at Pentecost! Think about it... something happened to Peter and the others as they were tucked away in that upper room. When they came down, not only were they different, but most of the people who were outside had a change of heart after hearing Peter's message.

In a lot of churches today, that power seems to be just a story that we talk about during our services. We share about it, but there seems to be very little changing going on. I mean, when was the last time you witnessed that type of revival?

I will admit that some church's today have weakened the Good News, while others seem to use it to condemn everybody and anything that doesn't walk just like they do!

I know that there is a lot of different ways to minister God's word, yet I have discovered that the best way is through the power of love. That's the power that breaks the yoke of sin. That's the power that rescues souls from eternal damnation. That's the power that set me free in 1984.

We have churches who just want a large attendance, so they allow anything to go on in the body, and we have church's that go over board and tell people there going to go to hell if they have tattoos and were screwed up last night.

Listen to me... God loves, and that's what we're supposed to show this world. When we walk with the same kind of love that Jesus walked, others develop a change from within that breaks them away from the way they were.

I am not saying that we should just allow sin to flow through the body of Christ, but I am saying that when you reach out and love others, you've accepting them just as they are just like Christ accepts us. Acceptance and approval are two different things.

As a parent, I accept my children because their a part of me. That doesn't mean that I approve of everything they choose to do, and I don't kick them to the curb or turn my back on them when they make bad decisions. I love then through because that's what I believe that Jesus does for me.

26 years of walking with God and He is still being patient and correcting me when I screw up. Since that is what God does, accepts me where I am, why should I condemn others who are still searching for this love and truth?

When the lady who was caught in the act of adultery got busted and was thrown at the feet of Jesus... Jesus spoke first to the stoner's who were very "devote religious people" and when He finished His question, they all dropped their rocks and left. Then He asked the "sinner" where are your accusers and she said they are all gone. Jesus said "neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more".

You see Jesus accepted her, forgave her, loved her right where she was and that was the power that broke the yoke of sin in her life.

If you can follow this principle... changing the hearts and lives of people is still a possibility.

If you're a "Born Again Believer'... my closing question to you is are you accepting people as they are or do they have to be just like you before you can accept them?

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In His Service
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady
Sr. Pastor Harbor Light Family Church