March 27, 2007

Something just don't look right!

Have you ever been sized up or been judged, (or maybe you've been the one judging someone) the moment you've met? Well, when you look like me, this seems to be the way of life. I can walk into a store and someone will say, "what kind of Harley do you ride?" I'm not sure why this happens, maybe it's my tattoo's or the way I dress, but I have to laugh. I love to watch the expressions on people's faces when those who are willing to spend a few minutes with me, find out I'm a "Christian" or better yet, when they discover I'm a Pastor.

This behavior doesn't surprise me, after all, we can tell what a person does by the way they look; can't we? I mean, if there all dressed up they have to be very successful in their lives, right?

I said a minute ago (well depending how fast you read) that "this behavior doesn't surprise me."

In the Bible (a great book you should read) there was this man who was sent out to find the next King of Israel. He took one look at this guy and said, "surly this must be the Lord's anointed." It goes on to say "Don't judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him." The Lord doesn't make decisions the way we do. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at a person's thoughts and intentions (what's in the heart). 1 Samuel 16.

To muddy the water a little more, there was this young man teaching and these leaders watched and listened and were "astonished" in fact they said, "where did He get all His wisdom and power to perform such miracles?" "He's just the carpenter, the Son of Mary and brother of James and Joseph..." That guy was Jesus....

These religious leaders (very studious in the word, but no developed relationship;or maybe it's was because they looked the part) were making a judgement call on the way they saw the person.

So what's my point? OK, you asked, here we go; if well meaning "Christians" would look at people the way God does, through His eyes and into the hearts of others, you may be utterly surprised to see you may be overlooking some anointed leadership in the church community.

If you have been on that judgment seat, sizing up someone when you first met, let me give you a simple solution, say I'm sorry and get off that chair. We can be overlooking some important pieces that are needed in the church world today.

And by the way if you do have people like that in your church, do me a favor, don't use them like a public display and say...look we have all kinds here in our church because their not your trophies, we all belong to God.

In the meantime, open your eyes, and look at the heart.
I love you all...really I do.
God bless you
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady
Sr.Pastor, HLFC

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