March 13, 2007

Where did they go?

Sometimes I have to sit back and laugh; even though I may be going through a difficult time in my life. A time like depression or a time of loneliness when I could have used a friend. I was under the impression that when I came to God, and joined His family, there would be other believers around in times of trouble, people who would support and stand by as I weathered a storm, or dealt with a hard situation. People who love the Lord (or so they claimed) and wanted to be joined together as family. Yet it doesn't surprise me, and I want you to grab this so it doesn't throw a wrench in your walk. I can say, I've been there and got the T-shirt. This is nothing new.

People are still humans; living and dealing with a sinful world and nature. There are a lot of believers who no mater what they say are still learning (at least this is my prayer) to walk their talk. God's word, remember "The Bible" says; "...we all fall short..."

I want you to know that this is nothing new and it's not personal, it's just human nature.

There was this guy who's name was Peter. He was a part of a group of believers, in fact he went to church almost everyday. Peter displayed the same nature as a lot of our friends and family. He told a very close friend, "I"ll always be here for you, I love you and believe in you and we'll be side by side all the way through." His friend (Jesus, son of God) knew better.

When Jesus was arrested, he looked around and everybody split. He was left alone when he could have used a friend.

God has a promise; and we have to grab this; Hebrews 13:5; "I will never leave you, I will never abandon you" God understands our human nature and He has left us this promise, "I'm with you." God is not a man that He could lie.

Here's the funny part, after all Jesus went through, the pain, abandonment and suffering, He came back looking for His friends to let them know, He still loves them and believes in them, no matter what they said or did. Go figure!

For some reading this article, you may laugh and say; "I know that," for others you may be saying I needed that. It's practical and truth.

Human nature is hard to change, if you don't want it to change, and this challenge is passed on to all believers who have told others, I'll be there...say what you mean and mean what you say, and if you missed the mark, aim higher. God still uses others in this day and age and others are looking for God through your walk.

God bless you,
Pastor Dough

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