June 25, 2007

This action may cost you!

With our society screaming foul almost everyday in our court systems, it wouldn't surprise me if one day...the act of devotion shown in this picture, ends up costing you. (IF your a prayer warrior...don't give up!)

It never ceases to amaze me how far we've drifted from our fear and admiration toward God. Like it or not, this country was founded on Bible principles and no matter how much you yell...you can not stop God fearing, praying Christians.

The part that gets me is that a lot of these Christians are not just praying for themselves...they're praying for you. Not that you would leave them alone; not so that God would punish you because you're acting like a hemorrhoid...but that you would stop being so hateful toward someone who loved you so much that He "laid down" His life so that you will have a life. (Some of us are praying that you'll get a life, another article for another day).
Why are you so afraid? What has this loving God ever done to you? Maybe you're just upset because you know all this is right; but it doesn't sit well with your plans. (The ones you live behind closed doors because your afraid you'll get caught).

I read a article on a web the other day and the man who wrote wanted to know if the 10 Commandments were necessary or were "Christians" just trying to shove morality down his throat? This to me was a no brainier...look at society and you tell me if #6 on those tablets is necessary..."Thou shalt not kill" Everyday; I hear news of another murder.
Or maybe...if CEO's would practice #8; "Don't steal"...they would not be sitting in prison for embezzlement.
We have no more compassion...no feelings...why? Because not only do most of us not know the commandments; we don't follow God's rules for life.

Most people are self centered and lack the greatest gift you can have...the gift of love.

Jesus said; "Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself." You see...Love doesn't kill, love doesn't steal.
So why do you hate Christianity? Why are we raising up our children to have so much hatred and anger toward a loving God? What are we afraid of? Why do you fight so hard to stop Christian people from reaching out to the lost a dying? Who are they hurting?
A lot of them are trying to help the people you step over each day on your rush to do your thing, (which we won't discuss right now!)

The only one who can answer these questions is you...the reader?

Have you ever tried this position? If not...you should, because your hatred toward God will not change His love for you...
Stop...drop...and pray:
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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