September 4, 2007


On September 11, 2001; a day most of us have not forgotten, our country the "United States of America" was attacked by a radical group of terrorist who planned and then carried out their mission in an attempt to bring this country to our knees. They were able to carry out this mission because they worked together in unity.

We lost a lot of loved ones... normal everyday people, who just got up on that day, and went to work... working to earn a living so they could take care of their families.

We lost Fire Fighters and Police Officers... we lost moms and dads... uncles and aunts... brothers and sisters... we lost friends... some we may have known personally and some we may have never met. We all suffered pain on that day.

In the midst of this tragic event... people who may have never attended church before... joined with others all around this world for prayer. In a sense... this day did bring a lot of us to our knees. We cried out to God in pain... we stood united in prayer before God... and He heard us. His ears have always been attentive to our cries.

Our government and it's freely elected Representatives... stood in unity; and together with one voice, they made the decision that it was time to defend ourselves against these individuals; against the terrorist who carried out their mission. Their mission was... to destroy our foundation's... to shake our dreams. A hateful desire that they hoped would force us to live in fear.

The Bible... the inspired Word of God (the foundation in which the United States of America was founded and built on) says; "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self discipline (self control, sound mind)"

When we stand in unity we stand in power. When we allow division to rule; the direction that the government is heading again, "divided"; a direction our people are heading for... then we see once again the Bible holds even more truth; "A kingdom that is divided cannot continue, and a family that is divided cannot continue."

As a united country... we have to stand together in unity, and in reality, the best way to be united is to stay before God. The early apostles were a great example that we could learn from.

On several occasions, they began to argue with each other about who was going to be the next in charge... can you see it... they were trying to jockey for position. When they finally got together and discovered their unity was in Jesus Christ... they put down a lot of their differences and come out of their room in power... love and sound mind. Why, because they were unified. I believe we can still learn from the Bible.

My heart and prayer is for our country, and for people around the world to realize... that as we prayed in unity... we stood in unity.

We still want the same thing... to be free. Free to love and free to live. If you really study your history, you would see that's why we came to this country.

I will never forget that day, or the individuals who lost or gave us their lives. I will continue to pray for the families all over our world that lost loved ones. My prayers will always be for the United States of America... and for our leaders who have to stand together in unity, so that we may continue to live together in freedom.

What can we learn from all this... "United we stand... divided we fall." If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything.
Pray and remember... God still hears our prayers and He still offers wisdom to those who are seeking true freedom.

God Bless America
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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