October 10, 2007

Guiding Light

Wake up!

Look at this picture... the seas are the storms of life that are tossing us all over the place. But in the midst of this storm is a solid structure, and notice it is not moved by what is going on around it.

The sky is dark... yet there is a light that is guiding you toward that safe structure. That light is the word of God that can and still guides us.

The open arms on each side of this old light house are the open arms of Christ... please notice that the hands are open; not closed... God is not hateful... He is loving and compassionate and can still help you in and through the storms of life.

With the devastation all around us... why do we insist on ignoring the love of God? Why are we so bent on getting and keeping God away from us? We don't want Him involved in our lives and yet, whenever we're in a storm and drowning... we blame God... WHY?

What did God... ever do to you?

Some of our youth today have picked up this same hatred that their parents have and they don't even know why. They just know that they hate God and they hate people who are professing Christians. They hate the local church and all that it stands for.

If you look around you... you'll see that your world is crashing and in need of help... People everyday are killing each other... young people are in more serious trouble than ever before.

Has your child ever been in serious legal trouble and you quietly sat in your room and cried... "what did I do wrong"? My question to you is... did you ever tell your child about God, (about faith in Jesus Christ) or are you one of those parents that didn't believe... so you didn't want your child to believe?

If so... Look at the outcome!

Families are being ripped apart today... parents are killing their kids and kids are killing their parents... kids or even killing kids. This is not a display of love... it's plain out hatred.

Why is it so apparent... because we have turned away from the light... we have turned away from those outstretched arms.

I know why people hate what the light stands for. They hate it because it causes us to see ourselves for what we really are and we don't like that... we don't want to see the truth that we are really screwing things up. We are so full of ourselves that we figure we don't need help... look around... look at your life... look at your family... do you really have all the answers to life? I doubt it. If you're really honest which can be hard for some... we might even admit to ourselves.... we're in deep trouble. We need help.

This is where God's grace and mercy comes in...
  • Grace is God giving you what you don't deserve
  • Mercy is God not giving you what you do deserve
This is love... God still loves you!

Look... if this blog has chapped you off... good, I'm not here to tickle your ears... I'm here to get you to look at your heart... If it's dark... don't be a fool... turn toward the light while you still have time, and for the love of God... bring your kids. If you have to admit you've been a fool all this time; just spit out your pride because it will chock the life out of you and tell them you were wrong.

God is the same yesterday... today and tomorrow

He is still our life saver!

I love you
Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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