June 28, 2008


To often, we look to the cross and stand in awe that someone would care enough about us... to take our place for what we deserve... this article is not intended for the weak... this is being written from my heart because I can't stand by anymore and watch this country... or my city just walk around like their lost.

Some of you might know that I pastor a small church in Saginaw, Texas and we refer to it as "The Perfect Place for not so perfect people" and believe me when I tell you... it takes a lot of guts to walk in and say... "that's me!"

The reason for this article today is prayerfully to stir up your heart as well as mine... you see, I could get busy and caught up in just attending church and don't get me wrong... it's important to do this... church is intended to build you up... not so you will live the perfect life... because believe me when I tell you... you can still be a mess and be in a church (I have a lot of personal experiences) but to build you up to get past your selfishness and see that this society that we're apart of is on the fast track toward destruction. (If you don't believe me... watch the news).

You see the reason God wants us to be born again is so that our new life would reflect His glory. If we don't... then why bother. The longer I stay inside the four walls of my church... the more discontent I become and guess what... I start looking for other means to find fulfillment. If you're reading this and your honest... you might just have the courage to agree with me.

Jesus... Our Lord and Savior didn't die so that we would just obtain stuff and live in the comforts of our luxury, He died and offered forgiveness and to bring us a new life. So why is it that we continue to act the same way we use to act? Why are we not moved with com passions for the people that we walk by everyday?

Personally... I can't do this anymore... I can't sit back and hide in my comfort zone and hope that the world that goes by my doors will stop in and say... I saw the sign.

I can't sit back anymore and be consumed with my wants... my needs or my life, because if I stay in this mode... I'll just rust away and go back to my old selfish ways.

I hope that those who read this will look at their life and say... I can relate. I'm being totally honest with myself and you today. Living and loving like Jesus did... one person at a time can get you out of your pool of complacency. Are you willing to take that step... I am.

God bless you and please... stop living for yourself... start denying yourself, pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

P.S. Even if you've screwed up over and over... get up... ask for forgiveness and get going. I believe God will honor that. The only time you lose the fight is when you won't get back up.

Being Real

Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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