December 15, 2010

Mail Order Ministry

Over the past few years our society has been infiltrated with "Ordained Online Ministers." This practice should be a major concern for the church today.

Listen to me... you don't need to be ordained to share the Good News and if you're not sharing the Good News where you're at... maybe you should check your heart and your walk. You don't even need to be ordained to help do the work of ministry at your church.

Ordination is a special recognition for someone who has been recognized for the calling that has been placed on their life. They have proved that they are doing the work of the ministry. That means that you have to be connected to a body of believers for others to recognize you. People like your pastor or the elders of the church.

When someone goes "ONLINE" and purchases one of these certificates... most of them are not even connected with a church. They don't want to be connected because they're not submissive to any form of leadership. They just want to do their own thing. That piece of paper does not mean that you have a calling on your life.

Over the past several years as a Pastor at a local church, I have had many people with these certificates approach me and ask if they can preach at the church... or they come in and want some position in leadership. The first question I usually have for them is; "WHO IS YOUR PASTOR?" If there's no pastor that can be contacted, that should be a warning for any church who let's these mail order ministers behind their pulpit. Pastor's... protect your flock from these people. Most of them are not even grounded in the Word!

If you're out there today and really want someone to recognize that God has called you into ministry... if you want the world to know that you love Jesus and are willing to be a servant... then first show that to your church... roll up your sleeves and stand beside your pastor. Get involved even if it's behind the scenes.

Don't fall for these ONLINE ORDINATIONS

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Anonymous said...

jesus was ministered to for forty days and and past his tests successfully...and u will know them by their fruits.follow gods instructions on becoming a teacher his word is truth and nver failing.