July 21, 2007

Grace and Mercy

Great day to be alive...no I really mean that.

Today is a special day for me...a celebration of the day I was born. Yet this article is not being written to honor me; this blog is being done today to honor a Father I have never seen but I know He's there. Let me explain.

When I look back over my shoulder, at my past; I know...I shouldn't be here writing this today. Why? (I'm glad you asked) Because the things I've done should have killed me long ago. If you need more details you can visit our web at hlfc.org and this will give you some more insight.

That's why today as I sat in my backyard early this morning watching my dog's run around (their names are Grace and Mercy; but this is not about them)I knew my Father was there with me and reminding me about His grace and mercy.

Some one awhile back made a statement to me that I haven't forgotten (that alone is a miracle) they said "Grace is God giving you what you DON'T deserve" and Mercy is "God NOT giving you what you DO deserve" My friends; this is the reality for my life; How about yours? Can you see that God has shown you a lot of Grace and Mercy?

When I think about that and look back; I know that God has cut me a lot of slack. Why? Why would He do that? Why not just leave me alone here to do things my way? Several reasons came to mind...but the biggest one is because He is my Father and just like a dad; He has a desire for me to do good. How many times have your kids done things wrong and you've shown them grace or mercy? When you do that for your children or others in your life...you do that because in reality you know (you may not admit this yet but you know) God has done that for you.

Today; 51 years old and I am seeing clearer that God has never left me by the side of the road to fend for myself (even though there have been times in my life where it has felt like that) He was right there.

I want you to understand; I'm not talking about becoming religious...I'm talking about a real relationship. When your in a relationship you spend time together... you learn about each other. When you get to the point in your life where you realize how much God has showered you with His grace and mercy you fall in love... and this is where the relationship starts; not ends but the beginning point of a turn around.

No matter what you've gone through...God is aware and is closer than you might imagine, yet because we're still on the Earth and we're still human beings we attempt to become our own god and try to do things in our own ways... I don't know about you, but that didn't work out very well for me. (Just being honest here)

My challenge for you today if you've gotten this far in this article is to look at your life and ask yourself... is this true? Has God shown me grace and mercy when I haven't really deserved it? If your answer is yes... why not sit back and become thankful for the things that God hasn't allowed to happen to you. If you think about it in honesty...I bet you can come up with a lot of areas in your life that His Love...Grace and Mercy has covered you.

Become thankful...and give God some respect...He knows His job and and He can do it well.

If you met me and forget me; you've lost nothing... if you met God and forget Him; you've lost everything.

I Love you and God bless you.

Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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