July 13, 2007

Whats on my heart

What's on my heart...YOU! When I wake up...When I go to bed...YOU are on my heart. I hope that this weeks post will touch somebody and help them to look deeper into life, because there's more to life than what we see or what we're trying to accomplish.

Some of you reading may be young and your heart tells you that nothing can stop you...so go out and do whatever you want... The problem in our young age is we think we know what we want but in reality...we don't have a clue.

I was there...it may seem like along time ago...but I've been there...unstopable...knew it all and ready to take over the world. So what did I do? I followed the crowd....became a gang member in upstate New York...but after a couple years of that something told me deep inside that if I kept up this life style...I was heading for destruction. (something deep inside)

So I decided to join the United States Navy...in those days they accepted High School drop outs...(oh yeah, did I mention I knew it all, that's why I dropped out). I traveled 13 countries and ended up at the end of the Viet Nam evacuation... Returning back to the United States I was working in some extra areas because I wanted to make those big bucks and the military in those days didn't pay real well.

My extra job ended me up in some very serious trouble and I ended up in military prison. (I thought for sure I was unstoppable...but a guy I knew wanted out so he turned against me) and I had to pay the price. That place was not as glamorous as what they show on TV.

This story can go on and on because I'm still alive...but the point I want to make here is that I didn't know it all and I was stoppable. (much to my surprise...what a rude awakening)

During the time when the government told me to go and stand in the corner...I finished my High School and starting taking some collage courses...I wanted to change my mind set....I also heard the Gospel Message and decided to give my head to this process. This didn't help because I never surrendered my heart.

7 years later...I was in trouble again...Alcoholic...drug addict...all around basket case, but this time the law wasn't breathing down my back...my conscience was and I know if I didn't make some changes, I was going to die before my time.

The change came when I gave my heart to Jesus Christ... I realized that no matter what I tried to change using my mind...the true change had to come from a new heart, because from the heart flows the blood and that's what keeps you alive.

Now I wake up...and I don't cry for me...I cry for you. I look at what's going on in our society, especially with our younger generation and I cry because I see my old nature still fighting to survive. Our youth today are lacking direction and that's most likely because the parents don't have the time to really invest in a family.

Think back if your over 45 and and remember when they took prayer out of school...then they started fighting to remove God from our life...that's when the problems really began. I am happy to hear that in Texas they have signed a law that says the school can now offer Bible classes in public school...this will be the generation who has a better opportunity to get a new heart and help us preserve the sanctity of life.

This blog was longer than normal but you need to here me...If you need change...if your tired and need peace... Ask Jesus Christ for a heart transplant; He still specializes in new beginnings.

In His Service

Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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Beth, Andy's mom said...

Thank you for your blog I just discovered; I am happy to know you better, and I love y'all's picture.

What you wrote really hit home for me, the part about the difference between your head and heart. Just recently, Jesus has moved to my heart and our relationship is starting to grow. You are right, Pastor Dough, He IS enough.

By the way, happy anniversary to you and Donna today!