August 20, 2007

Time gets away!

I haven't been here in a while and this title says it all... time gets away. For those who have been reading these blogs, you should know by now that my heart is to reach a wayward world with some good news.

We have enough bad news being crammed down our throats and I want to be a barrier for the Good News.

I have recently branched out and started a My Space sight and also blog there, and would encourage you to visit me at; Please pray because there is a lot of moral issues that are floating around in these sights... so my heart is to get others to look within themselves and prayerfully cry out to a God who is waiting to receive them.

We all need some good news and people today have little or no regard for God. We turn to Him when we are in serious trouble and then most of the time we put Him away again until we need Him.

God loves you and He wants a relationship with you... you see He already knows you and His heart is that you would get to know Him personally... not just form your opinion of Him by what the newspapers or your circle of friends say about Him.

In our service this week we talked about mercy... and we discovered... by reading the Bible there were several truths listed...

  • We all need it
  • God gives mercy to those who give mercy
  • We are not as perfect as we might think we are

We live in a world full of hurting people... you could tell if you would stop talking so much and start listening... start looking around you... and be honest with yourself, asking yourself; what do I see?

  • Do I see love?
  • Do I see people helping people?
  • Is my world all about me?

You see... you could make a difference; you may only be one person and think that you can't make any difference, but Jesus was only one person and He made a difference. Today He wants to make a difference through you, and if you will let Him use you... You can save a life... you can make a difference.

We are here... as ambassador's... as agents... as God's chosen people.

One of my favorite sayings is this; "Those you say I can't and those who say I can... are both telling the truth." So what do you believe?

  • Are you a wimp... or are you a warrior?
  • Do you know your God and do great exploits... or do you sit on the sidelines watching your world go by?

God believes in you and so do I. You are more than a conqueror... You are a mighty warrior and you can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives you strength.

You could even show mercy because God has shown you mercy... Mercy is love in action.

I love you all

Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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