August 9, 2007

What's this?

This picture speaks a thousand words... and looking at it, I would venture to say that this dog has more faith than some of us humans.

Prayer is not some religious movement that gets us more favor with God... Prayer is a two way communication between a Father and His children. When we take a moment and realize how fortunate we are to just wake up and be able to touch... taste... hear... see and smell we should be grateful; we should stop for a moment and give thanks. But most of us are too busy.

Prayer doesn't have to be done for hours at a time... just take a few minutes to at least be grateful that you got up today. I know people who can't do that anymore.

Can I ask you a question? Thank you... Do you really know Christ, or do you merely know about Him? If you know Him... how do you view Him, and how do you communicate with Him? How often do you guys talk?

To get to know someone intimately and enjoy Him personally, you must:

  • Spend quality time with Him
  • Communicate meaningfully with Him
  • Observe Him in a variety of situations.

God wants you to talk to Him and spend time with Him, and the best way to do this is called prayer.

Look; (I'll make this really simple). If you have a husband or wife... boyfriend or girlfriend and you never talked to each other, what kind of relationship would you have? None... there wouldn't be a relationship. When we meet someone and we really care about them; why is it that we want to talk to that person all the time... Because we really want to build up a relationship (good answer). So why do we act so different with God?

God deserves more than the hour your giving Him, if you're a Sunday church person, and most of the time your staring at your watch waiting for the final AMEN, so you can tell others that you attend church... Or you get real spiritual and head for the land of NOD, just can't hang in there... What kind of relationship is that... I could see God watching you and thinking... "Am I boring you?"

If your reading this I want you to know... God loves you and He really enjoys hearing from you. Some of us are 911 people and we only call God when we have an emergency... God loves to hear from you all the time and He's never to busy to listen. Try this today... Turn off you cell television and take a few minutes to think about your day and all the things that didn't happen... now take a few more minutes to thank God... Thank Him you're still breathing, you see we have more to be thankful for than we realize. If you think about it for a minute you'll discover that you have a lot of things to talk about.

God bless you all:

Jim "DoughBoy" Brady

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Anonymous said...

I went to your church on Sunday 8/12/07 and will come back soon - I have issues with gas right now.
But its a beautiful place full of peace and love for our Father and all the people that come and go out of this bldg. God Bless Everyone!